On the beach or in the professional field

To keep fit and get some exercise, we don’t necessarily have to go to the gym or play expensive sports. A walk in the open air, a bike ride or, why not, a nice game of bowls are all pleasant ways to relax and keep body and mind trained.

In particular, the game of bowls is comparable to gentle gymnastics, as it allows you to keep the muscles in training, promotes circulation, increases balance and improves the elasticity of the bones.

Regardless of the type of game and the number of players, bowls require moderate but constant physical activity combined with a good dose of concentration. That’s why at an amateur level it is very good for the body and mind. The continuous confrontation with the opponents also helps to socialize since in the game phases alternate strategies, jokes and discussions between the players, but also with the spectators, who sometimes become an integral part of the game as referees, ball boys and advisors.

It is also an excellent remedy for loneliness, because it is enough just to get close to the field to get to know other people. From there to start playing a few games the step is short and if you start from the pitches open to all, you don’t even need too much experience.