A sport for the whole family

Isn’t it easy to find an activity that suits everyone? Parents, archery is the perfect opportunity to get your children off their mobile phones.

The “Robin Hood” apprentices will be fascinated by this sport and by the healthy competition that will immediately come alive within the family. A good moment of conviviality and sharing perspective.

It will be easy to lend the whole family to the game and you will be surprised by their ability to concentrate. Archery is also a promoter of exchange between generations. Looking for “fun” and an activity to do among friends, archery is the ideal sport to launch challenges and to appeal to your conviviality. Be careful not to jeopardize objects that could break easily and that you care … 😉


Is archery a complete sport? When you shoot with the bow, all parts of your body are stressed. The upper body to maintain the bow and the traction of the string, the lower body for support and stability. With the weight on your feet, you will primarily strain the muscles of the back, shoulders, abdomen, knees and arms. And that’s not all … the tendons of the fingers, shoulders and arms will be tested to improve the coordination of your movements and your balance. And the mind, most of all, will try to stay focused and will not make you tremble before the arrow fires.


Healthy mind, healthy body … Concentration is therefore very important to hope to hit the mark every time. This will bring you rigor and precision every day. All the senses will be awakened: archery is living an experience with the inner “I”. Coordinating his mind with his body and being methodical in his gestures, the archer must respect each of these stages one after the other, until he gets to feel a feeling of well-being and let the arrow go. The greatest difficulty is in the ability to learn to repeat this ritual with each roll. Are you often stressed out? Archery is also a good anti-stress ally. Calm will be your friend if you want to achieve your goal.


What activity to practice if there are both children and adults? Look no further, archery is a sport accessible to children from 8/10 years of age and to all adults whatever their age.

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