Champions of happiness on the beach in Calabria

Beach volleyball in the RESORT?

Beach volleyball (literally beach volleyball) is a team sport that, born as a simple recreational activity played on the sand of seaside resorts, has undergone a significant evolution so much so that it is now counted among the Olympic disciplines.

Beach volleyball can be a very interesting way to make your holidays active.

The nirvana village has a splendid beach volleyball court on the beach, every summer the numerous challenges of customers alternate with the tournaments organized by the animation, who are thrilled by the dynamism of this fantastic summer sport.

From 6-year-olds to adults, everyone can try their hand at this sport, so what are you waiting for? book at nirvana

Besides being a fun and very competitive sport, beach volleyball is also extremely dynamic even more than volleyball. Even if you are not a professional or an experienced volleyball player, it is a game that can be played at almost any age. There are many possibilities to approach this fascinating and highly appealing discipline.

Tones and shapes your muscles

Legs, arms, core, buttocks: there is no muscle area that is not involved in every beach volleyball action. And these are always different movements, never repetitive and which must respond to the situations proposed by the game.

Boost your metabolism

Precisely due to the fact of continuously involving all the muscles of the body, playing beach volleyball allows you to increase the metabolism with effects even at long distance. In short: calories are burned during and after the match on the beach.

Improve coordination

Like all situation sports, beach volleyball also improves coordination, especially hand-eye coordination: having to intercept the ball flying in the air and having to direct it with precision, to the teammate or to the opponent’s field, is a great challenge for skills coordinative.

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