In a Sea of Freedom

It was born in North America and as a sport it has always attracted many lovers of nature and the sense of adventure.

To better approach canoeing, the Nirvana Village offers courses differentiated by age and preparation, to allow everyone to learn the basic techniques, essential for putting themselves to the test at sea.

From 6-year-old children to adults, everyone can try their hand at this sport with the help of qualified instructors and with all the necessary equipment.

From a physical point of view, paddling on the canoe / kayak is a very complete exercise, able to stimulate the body evenly and with an intensity that is stabilized by the paddler.

As the pace and strength impressed in paddling increases, muscle work and the amount of calories burned increases.

In fact, canoeing / kayaking can be an excellent solution for those looking for a fun and healthy way to lose weight: one hour of exercise with moderate intensity allows you to consume almost 400 kcal.

The greatest benefits are in the muscles, bones and tendons.

The work required to advance the canoe / kayak on the surface of the water stimulates muscle contraction in a gentle but decisive way, exceptionally toning the muscles of the shoulders, arms, back, but also of the chest and abdomen.

Paddling helps to keep tendons and joints healthy, which gain mobility by favoring increasingly larger movements and, as in any physical exercise, the skeletal system is strengthened in response to the stimuli it receives.

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