Temple of Hera Lacinia

This tour will take you back to the past, from ancient Greece to more recent history. Capo Colonna is one of the symbolic places of Western Greece; it is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Calabria, and also one of the most important and best known sanctuaries of Magna Graecia. The sanctuary of Hera Lacinia of Capo Colonna, dependent on the ancient city of Crotone, was one of the most important sanctuaries of Magna Graecia from the archaic age up to the fourth century BC:

The sanctuary site was in a strategic position along the coastal routes that linked Taranto to the Strait of Messina, on a promontory formerly called Lacinion, which also gave its name to the revered goddess, Hera Lacinia.

The current name, on the other hand, recalls the ruins of the temple (with the last “column” standing), while the previous name, “Capo Nao”, derives from the Greek and means precisely temple. The complex was made up of several buildings, of which some remains are visible today: The actual temple, stretching towards the sea, a “Via Sacra”, and three other buildings belonging to the temple complex. A museum is attached to the archaeological area which collects the most recent finds found at Capo Colonna