The hidden beaches of Italy

In just seven kilometers of crystal clear waters that are tinged with all shades of colors ranging from turquoise to deep blue and light blue, panoramas of indescribable beauty follow one another. It is a succession of coves with sandy and crystalline bottoms, cut out between rocky spurs, smooth tuff cliffs and sharp granite cliffs overlooking the sea, with gorges and caves that can only be reached by boats of expert fishermen.

According to the well-known French magazine “Les Grands Voyageurs”, Capo Vaticano is considered the third most beautiful beach in Italy and among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Capo Vaticano is also only an hour and a little more by car from the Nirvana village

It is one of those destinations a little distant but which can certainly be visited in the day, leaving early in the morning and returning in the evening. So enjoying this fantastic beach is not impossible, quite the contrary!

Whenever our customers travel for an excursion or for a day-off, the Village takes care, if notified the day before, to have both breakfast and packed lunches available, thus allowing them to continue using the full board package offered.

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