Kite Surf in Calabria? The wind that blows on this coast between 10 and 30 knots, the large beaches of fine sand without rocks and the clear sea make Nirvana Club Village the perfect place to learn how to kitesurf.

Kitesurfing is a sport that was born as a variant of surfing and has become, over the years, one of the most engaging disciplines to be practiced in a seaside resort.

In a nutshell, kitesurfing uses a kite (kite in English) which is maneuvered by a bar, connected to the kite by thin dyneema cables (a synthetic fiber), and a board with which you glide over the water.

Thanks to the constant wind conditions in this area, the Gulf of Squillace is considered the most suitable spot in Calabria for kitesurfing in complete safety and with the right amount of fun and adrenaline.



Even for the little ones

Teaching kitesurfing to children (ages 8-9) and teenagers is not the same as teaching adults. The problem starts with the right equipment, which is not easily available for children, the sails for children must be smaller. but they are often less stable and more difficult to restart.

Therefore, children cannot follow a normal beginner kitesurfing course, because there is a risk that they will be afraid, lose interest and have fun.

Learn to Kite Surf in Calabria!

At Nirvana Club Village you can learn the rudiments of this sport in a short time thanks to the Kite Center courses, suitable for every level of preparation (Basic, Advance and Expert), and to the individual private lessons of improvement.

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