It's never too late!

Swim, float, stay in the water. It seems obvious but it is not at all! Many are unfamiliar with water, many are even afraid of it.

It is never too late to learn to swim, take advantage of this splendid naturalistic context to make your dream come true!

The swimming lessons organized by the Nirvana lifeguards will allow you to overcome your fears. You will be accompanied to the baptism of the sea through a serene and above all dedicated path.

The goal is not to teach you the techniques of perfection of valid swimming styles, surely, once you are passionate about this sport you can certainly deepen them in the pool in your city! Instead, you will be taught those few and fundamental rules to become familiar with water, with this different way of relating to gravity, the correct way to breathe, and to be underwater.

First, you need to get rid of shame. In fact, many people don’t sign up for swimming lessons to avoid having to endure this awkward moment.

It shouldn’t be that way. First of all, because there is nothing wrong with not knowing how to swim. And then, because everyone has their own abilities. Have you ever thought about what it would be like if someone who teases you tried to do what you excel at? This should be your thought when you feel uncomfortable.

Courses for children

Thanks to the presence of both the sea and the swimming pool, even your children will be able to learn the rules of being in the water with the help of expert and knowledgeable staff. Thanks to the playful aspects flanked by exercises and assisted experiments even your child will be able to overcome the fear of water and soon learn to be in the water!