practicing morning gymnastics in the water

Thanks to our morning Muscle Awakening program, you can start each day with a boost of energy, more grit, muscle tone and having fun in a group!

When immersed, the resistance of the water makes the training much more effective, since the friction is 12 times higher than that of air. This means that you tone up more and faster, but also that you burn more calories than a comparable dry workout. In addition, you will enjoy all the benefits of salt water and exercise without sweating.

You can train without risk even if you have a few extra pounds, because the impact on the joints is minimal. Immersed in water, the muscles develop harmoniously and the exchange of liquids is favored, thus fighting water retention and cellulite.

More health

Enough with bad habits when waking up, take inspiration from animals such as felines who feel the need to stretch as soon as they wake up! Give yourself time to wake up. Be aware of the day that is about to begin and above all of your body, because feeling your body is essential to take care of it.

Less stress

Waking up in a rush and starting the day already stressed is deleterious for the body as well as for the mind. Start practicing muscle awakening, the more you go on and the more you will feel the need to increase the duration, because becoming aware of the body that is activated is a wonderful feeling. Feel your breath, circulation and muscle tone being optimized. Feel a general well-being and you will live your day with less stress.

More grit

Muscle awakening sculpts your body within a month if practiced every day together with regular sporting activity. You will feel stronger not only physically but mentally as well, what are you waiting for to try?

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