Discover the thrill of this unique experience

The horseback ride on the beach is one of the experiences that fascinates the most and that every rider and rider dreams of doing.

The image of an expanse of white sand in front of you, the rhythmic rustle of the waves breaking on the shore and the wind in your hair that carries the salty scent of the sea, makes this experience truly unique.

In our country there are no desert areas but in some areas the sand has created fantastic scenarios, as in our splendid Ionian coast, where dunes and spontaneous vegetation alternate giving life to lunar landscapes.

Immersing yourself in these environments on horseback makes the experience even more authentic and profound.

It allows the rider to admire the naturalistic beauties of marvelous coasts in which beaches of disarming beauty are set.

It is in the combination, in the relationship between horse and rider, that the thrill of riding on the sand turns into an unforgettable experience.

Riding in Calabria on the beach is possible with us!

Thanks to the staff of the Sella D’Oro riding school, you can take a wonderful horse ride in the surrounding area (also suitable for children aged 7 and up). You can also join an excursion if you already have some horse riding experience.

The riding school, located near Botricello, offers various activities reserved for Nirvana guests, such as sunrise, sunset or night outings, a precious opportunity to admire the landscape from a different perspective.

The tours inside the village, especially recommended for taking pictures with the children and the entertainers, or even the educational path on the farm of the riding school.

The educational path to the farm

This tour is especially dedicated to children, who have the opportunity to see many different animals up close, learn about the activities that take place on the farm and learn how to ride a horse with the help of an instructor.

It is possible to book one of the services of the riding school at Nirvana, the transfer by car from the village to the riding school and vice versa is included in the price.



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