A stay on the wonderful Ionian coast of Calabria is the right opportunity to take a boat ride near the Nirvana Club Village, enjoy the freedom of sailing on the open sea and admire the boundless beauty of this jewel of nature.

In our tourist village you can rent a sailboat to go on an excursion or take a basic course to learn how to sail in a few lessons!

The Nirvana Sailing School offers courses for children and adults with the aim of increasing the passion for the sea and for sailing in those who have not yet had the opportunity to explore one of the most evocative coasts in Calabria, where the sun and the wind make every day a promise of happiness.

The basic sailing course is divided into 3 lessons of 60 minutes and takes place on Laser or L’Equipe type boats.
By following these lessons, given by a qualified instructor, you can immediately start boating appreciating every aspect of this experience, rediscovering an activity that will always be one of the most engaging you can try. The course includes equipment, assistance, the support of an instructor and an inflatable boat.


from 6 to 12 years

Beginning as children to love the sea, to know and respect it through a sport that is at the same time a game, is an opportunity to be exploited for families on vacation at Nirvana.

In fact, among the numerous activities available, children aged 6 to 12 can choose sailing courses, designed to make them learn the principles of navigation while having fun with short, simple and useful lessons.
Going sailing is a completely new experience for a child, a way to get in touch with nature and a possible future passion to be cultivated over time.

The basic course for children includes three 30-minute lessons and includes equipment, assistance and support from a qualified instructor. The cost of the course is € 75 and takes place on Optimist boats, suitable for their size for the first experiences on a sailing boat.