Uno dei gioielli della Calabria

In the splendid Costa degli Dei there is a precious pearl famous all over the world, a place of ancient legends and millenary history, its name is Tropea, in Calabria.

Tropea, stands on a promontory between the Gulfs of Gioia and S.Eufemia and it is believed that the founder was Hercules who, returning from Spain (Colonne d’Ercole), stopped on the Costa degli Dei (also called Costa Bella) and according to this legend, Tropea became one of the Ports of Hercules.

However, the true story of Tropea begins in Roman times when along the coast, Sextus Pompey defeated Caesar Octavian.

Due to its characteristic position as a terrace overlooking the sea, Tropea played an important role, both in Roman times and later under the Saracen occupation and, even more, under the Normans and the Aragonese.

Tropea, is one of the most interesting centers of Calabria and of the Costa degli Dei (or Costa Bella).

Tropea is only an hour and a little more by car from the Nirvana village

It is one of those destinations a little distant but which can certainly be visited in the day, leaving early in the morning and returning in the evening. So enjoying this fantastic seaside town and its splendid beaches and cliffs is not impossible, quite the contrary!

Whenever our customers travel for an excursion or for a day-off, the Village takes care, if notified the day before, to have both breakfast and packed lunches available, thus allowing them to continue using the full board package offered.

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