Pe una vacanza serena
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Aquagym is one of the best solutions for training on vacation. You will be able to train while having fun, losing weight and at the same time finding relief from the heat. This discipline consists in performing exercises in the water that are usually done in the gym.

Water aerobics is a sport that helps you strengthen your muscles, shaping and toning your body, thanks to a series of free body movements. In addition, the many advantages of water aerobics make it a sport suitable for practically everyone.

A physical activity that is inspired by moves belonging to dance, jogging, boxing, judo and aerobics. But all in the water: many advantages that are lacking in the gym.

Exercising in the water rather than in the gym is beneficial for a number of reasons and has many advantages:

  • Trauma is limited: in water you weigh only 10% of your body weight, so the risk of trauma and injuries is minimized. This is why water aerobics is an ideal discipline for everyone: pregnant, overweight, convalescent women.
  • The movements are facilitated: since you are lighter in the water, the exercises are easier to perform and, above all, the range of movement is greater.
    It tones the body evenly: all muscles are used to move in the water, without realizing it. The body becomes toned and harmonious.
  • Calories are burned because the body defends itself against the temperature of the water. Furthermore, water resists movement, forcing the muscles to work harder and the body to spend more energy.
  • Venous circulation is improved: the pressure of the water and the hydromassage created by the movements stimulate the return of blood to the heart. The ankles are well drained as the water pressure is greater at depth.
  • It is relaxing: the water is well heated, which promotes muscle and psychological relaxation. Pain, stiffness and stress are relieved