In a Sea of Freedom

Windsurfing is a very popular water sport that gives intense emotions to those who practice it.
The stretch of the Ionian coast where the Nirvana Club Village is located is an excellent starting point for those who have never practiced this sport and for those looking for new spots to challenge the wind and the sea.

To better approach windsurfing, our holiday village offers courses differentiated by age and preparation, to allow everyone to learn the basic techniques and essential tricks to whiz on the water in peace, feeling the wind on their skin.

From 6-year-old children to adults, everyone can discover the joys of windsurfing with the help of qualified instructors and with the most modern equipment available.


for Adults (Beginners and Experts) and for Children

By following the basic course, you will learn how to start, tack, control the direction and feel free on the windsurf board. This course includes 3 lessons of 60 minutes plus an hour of rental, includes equipment, assistance and support from an instructor and a rubber dinghy.

It is never too early to start loving windsurfing!
Our village offers courses designed specifically for children (from 6 to 12 years of age), who will be able to learn the basics of windsurfing from qualified instructors and take their first steps in complete safety, equipped with ultra-light equipment and followed at all times.

The basic courses for adults and children include 3 30-minute lessons, including equipment, assistance and support from an instructor and a rubber boat.

Alternatively, you can choose 30-minute private lesson packages to learn new techniques or practice with the instructor.

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