with morning beach yoga sessions

The heat of the sun on the skin, the sound of the waves, the contact with the sand. These are just a few main reasons why you should practice yoga on the beach.

Doing yoga on the beach in the morning also has a strong symbolic value. The sun salutation is the ideal sequence of positions to start a yoga session on the beach: it gives great elasticity to the body, reactivates the metabolism and allows you to fill up with energy to better face the rest of the day.

Yoga sessions take place alternating with muscle awakening on the free beach a few hundred meters from the village, to ensure an undisturbed and uncontaminated environment in which to concentrate at best.

Doing yoga by the sea is one of the most beautiful sensations ever: the contact with the sand and the proximity to the waves makes the practice truly rewarding.

The sand, in fact, allows the body to assume natural positions without straining the muscles as it happens when practicing on hard surfaces and that is why it is not necessary to have a mat with you to do yoga but a towel is enough if you do not want to be in direct contact, with the back and belly, with the sand. The sand is also particularly useful for those with back problems or, even more so, for those with joint problems because it does not stress any muscles or joints, leaving ample freedom of movement.

In water
There are also yoga disciplines that can even be practiced in water such as Sup (standing up paddle) yoga. Conceived by the Californian Sarah Tiefenthaler, here balance, concentration and strength are brought to the highest levels because the instability of the sea requires greater effort to remain steadfast on the sup

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