Breathtaking coasts and beaches, fascinating and mysterious hinterland


Breathtaking coasts and beaches, fascinating and mysterious hinterland

An archetypal and ancestral place, a womb that guards the secrets of time and history in the folds of an enchanting landscape and transmits them only to those who can grasp the marvelous even when it is hidden on the surface.

Crossroads of influences between East and West that have given life to an artistic and cultural heritage of great charm and inspiration.
Land loved by the sun and embraced by two seas that draw its contours in the heart of the Mediterranean, in a wonderful and mythical landscape, worthy of being experienced and visited.
Welcome to Calabria, this is your home.

Therefore, do not stop inside the village, as there is a wide range of guided excursions available, a valid reason to get to know the hidden treasures of Calabria and visit the most characteristic places of the region, thanks to the convenient location of the village, on the border. between Crotone and Catanzaro.

Here we suggest some possible routes in the surroundings, however the invitation is to let yourself be guided by curiosity to explore those places outside the usual itineraries.

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also suitable for children aged 7 and up

Thanks to the staff of the Sella D’Oro riding school, just 5 km from Nirvana, you can take a splendid horseback ride in the surrounding area (also suitable for children aged 7 and over) or take part in an excursion if you already have some riding experience.

The riding school, located near Botricello, offers various activities reserved for Nirvana guests, such as outings at dawn, at sunset or at night, a precious opportunity to admire the landscape from a different perspective, or tours inside of the village, especially recommended for taking pictures with the children and the entertainers, or even the educational path on the farm of the riding school.

This tour is especially dedicated to children, who have the opportunity to see many different animals up close, learn about the activities that take place on the farm and learn how to ride a horse with the help of an instructor.